This year more people than ever are pledging to #shoplocalfirst, #buysocial, #buyethicalinstead, #supportsmallbusiness and #buyhandmade

Conscious Crafties is an online marketplace and support community for creative people living with Chronic Illness, Disability or Caring for loved ones affected.
Conscious Crafties enables community members to sell their handmade crafts and promote their skills whilst gaining new friends who understand their struggles.
Together we’re empowering people living with Chronic Illness and Disabilities whilst showing the world our untapped talent and sharing our gratitude to family members who have given up a piece of their lives to care for us.

Below is an A-Z list of lovely handcrafted Xmas gift items all made by Conscious Crafties

A: Acrylic miniature cow painting
B: Believe in fairies keyring bag charm
C: Concrete tealight holder
D: Date with a vintage book
E: Elf slippers
F: Fudge (luxury Xmas flavour)
G: Glittery T-shirt
H: Hairy Viking bottle topper
I: Indian agate dragonfly necklace
J: Jester hat
K: Knitted Xmas tree tea cosy
L: Lovey snuggle blanket
M: Memory candle
N: Notebook
O: Onyx earrings
P: Peacock painting
Q: Quartz necklace
R: Rat/Mouse pendant
S: Sloth painting
T: T-shirts
U: Unicorn makeup bag
V: Vintage brass bead necklace
W: Wild hare decorated notebook
X: X (kiss) earrings
Y: Yellow vintage style trinket box
Z: Zebra striped angelfish jewellery set